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Reidiculous Reid

A Key West Local Legend

Reid Conklin was born in Key West, FL as a true Conk..and at 26 years young he's already earned the title of local legend. With his father being immortalized on the Tree Bar wall @ Rick's and keeping up a street show on Mallory Square for nearly 15 years, the name Conklin will alway have a special place in our hearts.

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Conch Shell
The Durtbags at Durty Harry's

The Durtbags

The Durtbags are Key West's premier cover Rock Band. Located in the back of Durty Harry's you can find these guys in an intimate setting smashing anything from metal to the Backstreet Boys.** (bachelorette request only!) Oh yea, that takes requests as well, for a small nominal fee. But for the performance you get in return be prepared to lose your mind!

Daniel, a New York native, came to Key West as an artist. An artist that, like many others before him, recognized the island as a place where you can reach the world by walking the streets.

Dan Linehan: The Sharpie Guy

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Ricks Bar Key West
Conch Shell
Conch Shell
Conch Shell
Conch Shell
Ricks Bar Key West

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Vacation Weather Report

 once heard of a place called Key West
Although to me it didn't make Sense
I was told it woould be found at The top of a roosters crest...hmm
Walking across you east to west
I get lost in your beauty when I Reach the hummingbirds nest
Sitting at the edge of your Southern sunrise
It's no surprise
Everyone loves you
30,000 lives walk across you
Remind me of the beauty of Familiar faces
Dont mind the strangers they're From different places and this is Where I rest
Where we all rest
But who am I kidding we dont Really rest
This is where we fest and find The Freedom we desparetely lust
So hit up the IV bar girl there's
No time to waste
Surrounded by the depths of your History
This is the place to be
Sunbathing on the beach or maybe Have a drink
With harry at Rick's
No matter what it is
​​​​​​​Go ahead and take a risk 
Welcome to key west where we all Coexist

spoken word by Iris

Writer's Corner

Mini Lobster Season is back! How do you plan on celebrating? Click the link below to see what we have in store...

"The Day God Spoke To Key West"

August 4th - August 11th

Ricks Bar Key West

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Ricks Bar Key West
Ricks Bar Key West
Ricks Bar Key West